Yesterday and today have been nice and quiet, which I’ve really needed. I had a date set with a guy yesterday but his kid was throwing up so he asked to reschedule. We get along awesomely but I’m not sure how attracted to him I am and I need to get to know him better, but so I shall.

He called me a couple days ago pretended to be a Dominoes pizza guy, confirming my order of 15 pizzas. I totally bought it. I’m so gullible lol. So I’m going to call him Dominoes.

I’ve been so exhausted with work, fixing up my home, single parenting, etc etc, that’s it been nice to spend some time in and catch up on sleep and wall painting, and just screw’n around. Today I went to a bit of church then came home, played Europa 4, snoozed, put away laundry and rearranged kids furniture in preparation for the electrician coming tomorrow. He’ll be rewiring the whole house. I hope. Going to see what the cost estimate on that will look like. *crossing fingers*

Saw an update from Mountain Man on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. My heart leapt and sank all at once. I miss him. I hate that I miss him. Trying to be strong.

I got a message today from the soon to be ex-wife of the Georgian. I guess she called his voicemail remotely, figured out the code, and heard a message from me, just asking him to call me back. Was from a month ago. So she tried to add me on Facebook and messaged me through there, asking what my relationship to him is. She also called me twice yesterday but didn’t leave a message. *sigh* Drama.

They’ve been separated since last July and are just waiting for the judge to sign off on the filed paperwork. I think it’s really strange that she’d be breaking into his voicemail and going to these lengths, since by all intents and purposes, they are done. I was honest, to a point, and said we used to play a game together, a bunch of us, and are not dating, explaining I am in another state. All true. I said that I was starting a new game and was seeing if anyone wanted to join me. Sort of true. And yeah, that’s my inner geek. Now you know.

Tonight, I’ll finally be going out to dinner with the Blogger. Should be fun.


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